Making Dreams Reality

As I write this it is the 40th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s assassination. His time and ours are remarkably similar. One thing he said which strikes home to me is this: “I dream dreams that never were and say, . . . ‘Why not?’”

Dreamers can be frustrated when others say “why?” But dreamers keep dreaming and working to make the dream a reality. Who would have thought back in Robert’s day, when the struggle for civil rights was just emerging, that 40 years later – almost to the day of Robert’s assassination – an African American would take the Democratic nomination for President of the United States? I’m sure the people who spoke eloquently, who wrote, who inspired multitudes in those days; the people who fought and died, who were beaten and arrested and held down – I’m sure they never imagined that this day would come. But a dream was dreamed and one day somebody said: “Why not?” And things changed.

I have a dream when gay people can be looked upon as equal in God’s sight and when our love can be celebrated as sacred as anyone else’s. I have a dream of the world coming together in peace and when people no longer see themselves as citizens of this or that country, but citizens of the earth. I have a dream when people no longer say “God bless America,” but “God bless the World!” It strikes me that there are many players in making a dream reality. We need the people out front. We need the speakers. We need the writers. And we need those people who work to change perceptions just one person at a time. And it frightens me to admit that we need great courage, the courage to be yelled at, beaten, killed and arrested. I am not sure I have such courage.

No matter who we are, we all have dreams. What is your dream? What is the vision that you have for yourself, for others and the world? Do you think it’s crazy? Do others? Instead of just dreaming, perhaps we should say “Why not?” And then take a step to making the vision a reality!

One response to “Making Dreams Reality

  • hungryforsoulfood

    “…we all have dreams. What is your dream?” It may seem trite but these are the words that you hear at the beginning of the movie “Pretty Women.” I’ve always liked that movie because the plot is that of a woman who wants to make her life better! She does what it takes to make that dream a reality. True, it’s a movie but it has a Great Life Lesson to teach us all.

    My dream is that someday that will be what we all want, to make our lives better and that of everyone else! I know I’m an Idealist. I agree with this post, who would have know that forty years after Robert Kennedy’s assassination that we would have an African American nominated for President.

    I have a number of gay friends and as with every other individual I have known over the years, African Americans, Mexicans, Drug Addicts, Achoholics, Mentally Challenged Individuals, etc… I know one thing “in the very core of my being” and that is that every SINGLE PERSON created is LOVED by our GOD who created them!
    There are NO EXCEPTIONS! ! ! ! ! !

    I truly hope that one day these people don’t have to continue to live in hiding, fear of who God created them to be, not convinced of Gods incredible Love for them! They are after all, Gods’ Creations, and everything God creates is GOOD!

    I hope, I dream, that someday all people will learn to see into the heart of one another as our God does and accept each other. We all need to look into the HEART of people because that is wherein lies their BEAUTY, their GOODNESS, their ESSENCE. If we can do this I believe we will build a better world with tolerance and acceptance for ALL GODS PEOPLE – EVERYWHERE!

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