In the Divine Image

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”
See Jeremiah 1

For years people told me that I was NOT formed in the womb as I was, but that I was sinful, flawed, intrinsically disordered and in need of healing.  I was told that the very essence of who I was, was flawed.  Of course, there are still many voices today that  shout those messages.  They contend that I have chosen this, that I am deviant.

It took a long time for me to come to the realization that I was created by God, AS I WAS, and that “God saw that it was good!”  This short line from Jeremiah was very helpful to me in my time of struggle.  How wonderful and what a relief it was to know in my heart that “before God formed me in the womb, God knew me!”  What a relief it was to know in my bone marrow that I was not this awful human being, but made in the Divine image!

Isn’t it interesting that many religions have turned being gay into a sin and a source of great shame.  Yet some other cultures at times in history held gay people in high esteem.  They were honored as shamans, healers and priests because, instead of somehow being flawed, they were thought to have within them the unity of male and female and so reflected more fully the Divine image!  Even today, many gay people instinctively choose professions of healing, ministry and art.

No matter who you are, whether gay or straight, do you see the Divine image in you?  Are you able to see yourself as a wonderful creation?  Yes, we all have our character defects.  But can you see the good in you, that you are made in the Divine image and that God is pleased with the work of His/Her hands?

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