Just Do It For God’s Sake!

No, . . . not “that!” 🙂 Although with my foray in singledom that doesn’t sound like a bad idea! Haha! . . . But, I digress!

Sometimes we get stuck in life. We think and we dream. We dream and we think about what it is that we want to do, what contribution we want to make in this life, how we want to help and affect others, what kind of Partner we want, what kind of community we want, what kind of health we want, or what kind of job we want. We think and dream, dream and think. But sometimes, that’s where is ends. We think and dream, but don’t take one step in making the dream reality.

Some of us get paralyzed by perfectionism. We fear making a mistake and so we end up doing nothing. Or others are paralyzed by messages from their past which are like a heavy weight around their shoulders which holds them down and keeps them from sharing the light they have to offer to the world!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, if we find ourselves paralyzed in some way, all we need to do is take a small step, one small action that will take us in the direction we want. It’s amazing the momentum that one small step can create!

Perhaps someone needs your encouragement today to take that step. We can’t actually take the step for anyone. Only they can do that. But we can encourage each other. I am grateful for those who encourage me to rise above the lethargy imposed by my past and take steps in letting the light within shine for others.

Today, lets just do it for God’s sake! . . . And the sake of others who need what we have to offer!

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