Big Things. Small Packages.

Matthew 13: 31-35

Again we have this image of the mustard seed that grows into a large bush and a little yeast that makes the whole loaf rise.

Yesterday we reflected again on the energy created by taking one small step toward making a dream or vision we have a reality. It is the daily small steps that lead to great results.  A little done consistently is better than a lot done sporadically, so say physical trainers.

The important thing is to rise above the paralysis imposed by thinking that we have such little to offer – only a small seed, only a pinch of yeast.  We may think that what we have to offer is not much.  We may think that the task of changing our relationships or behavior is impossible!  But if take one step, if we slowly allow the seed to germinate  we WILL see a difference in our lives and the lives of those we touch.

One response to “Big Things. Small Packages.

  • Miss Eagle

    In my later years, God has impressed upon me His creativity, His creative power and personality, and the way He restores what is lost, broken, cut down. At the moment, I am rather immersed in the Tao which I find so compatible with the teaching of Jesus – and it has given me a new way at looking at God’s creativity energy. This energy in the Tao is called Chi. So at this time I am thinking of this energy in God’s created universe. We can’t see it. We, more often than not, ignore it. Yet it is there being and doing so much – holding us and all of creation together. I think it is a good time for us to think about this with all the doom being preached about Climate Change and Global Warming. Science is not the only one with a say in all of this. After all, just think of that hidden energy in the seed and the organism we call yeast. In the end, it will be this creative energy that will decide our great debate. In the end, if we choose to arrogantly walk the earth, it will be this energy that will decide our fate.

    Blessiings and bliss

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