Don’t Loose Your Keys!

Yesterday I reflected on the fact that we all look for keys that unlock meaning for us in life and that we ourselves are a key that has the potential of unlocking good things for others. Today I would like to reflect on the importance of using the keys that we find that unlock meaning and energy in our lives.

I was speaking with a friend recently and we were talking about learning new behavior and how we literally have to reprogram ourselves, reprogram our thinking, the tapes, behaviors and habits from our past that we have assimilated. It takes work and discipline to grow beyond any of that.

When we find a key that we feel begins to unlock something within us, it’s important to use that key again and again. It’s almost like being “brain washed.” We need to continually return to the key to keep growing and moving forward. In Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step programs, for one who is coming in new, they recommend doing “90 meetings in 90 days.” A meeting EVERY DAY for 90 days! Seems daunting. But it comes from the collective wisdom of those who have gone before who know that we need constant help in changing our thinking and behavior. If we want results, we need to stick with it.

For those of you who have a partner, think of how you relate to your partner. Do you feel that you are growing in your relationship? Do you feel that, as a result of living in this “school of love,” that it’s a key to becoming a better person? I’m sure at first it was easy to love him or her. They had the “key” to your heart and you had the key to there’s. But as time goes on, and the feeling wears off a bit, it begins to take work to use the key, to go out of your way to do something for them. As we practice loving acts, slowly they become second nature and the very foundation of good living and loving.

Are we using the keys we’ve been given?


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