My Spiritual Practice. What Works For Me? – Part III

My Routine – Meditation/Prayer

I find a dedicated time for prayer/meditation/reading essential in keeping me focused.  We all go about routines that ready us for the day.  This is one such routine that spiritually readies me for the day.

Each morning I spend at least 30 minutes in prayer/meditation/reading.  I usually start by spending around 10 or 15 minutes in meditation, being attentive to my breathing and getting in touch with what Eckhart Tolle would call the “inner body,” that place of Being that is below the chatter of the mind.  Zen Buhddists might call this Zen or Zazen – just sitting, getting to the core of our essence and literally touching right here, right now, what is Eternal and Divine, the Unmanifested within.  Tolle describes an exercise of breathing, similar to many forms of meditation.  What I like about the way he describes this is his how the breath leads us to connect with the Life Force, or that which is Eternal within us.  (See The Power of Now, p, 112)

Spiritual writers through the centuries have spoken of the importance of meditation to open us.  It is in such a posture that we become receptive and in tune with a Power that is able to open within us an abundance of life, creativity and healing.  It’s really amazing when you think about it.  We are literally able to touch the Divine right NOW!  Jesus said it this way:  “The Kingdom of God is at hand!”

After 10 minutes or so I begin to shift the meditation and begin to call on the Power that I have opened myself to and I raise specific people,  world situations or personal desires.  I do so AS IF WHAT I AM PRAYING FOR HAS ALREADY BEEN GIVEN.  Several influences are evident here:  the Power of positive thinking a la Wayne Dyer, The Secret and Jesus who constantly called on people to have faith, to believe.  Whatever we may think of these ideas, I have found them helpful in slowly lifting me from a negative way of thinking to a more positive frame of mind and a more lively and palatable sense of belief.  All thought is energy and if I keep my thoughts in a positive frame of mind, that is what I will see and experience.  And I believe that sending good thoughts to even the most difficult situations in our lives, the lives of our loved ones or our world contains within it Power to change.

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