My Spiritual Practice – What Works For Me? – Part V

Carrying It Through the Day

I once had a spiritual advisor who said to me that I was like a horse at the gates on the Kentucky Derby. Once my meditation was done in the morning, the bell rang and I shot out the gate and God consciousness was left in the dust! I laughed when he said this, but man, was it, and is it ever true! Do you ever experience that? You take time to focus, to meditate, to pray to become more aware of Spirit in your life and the life of the world; then you get up and begin to go about your day and forget about it until the next time you intentionally sit down to meditate again?!

One of the challenges of my spiritual practice is to carry a sense of this Spirit consciousness through my day. I am beginning to get better at it. Sometimes just taking a book that I’ve been reading to work is helpful. I may not pick it up, but when I see it, it’s a reminder. Or perhaps carrying a symbol of some sort in my pocket or around my neck would be a helpful reminder. These are things which might call me to consciousness again, reminding me to watch my thoughts, think positively, to watch the grasping of the ego, to live in the moment, be aware that I’m connected to Something which is infinitely abundant, and not to resist difficulty, but see it as a possibility for growth.

What do you do to stay “conscious” through your day?

One response to “My Spiritual Practice – What Works For Me? – Part V

  • Fellow Gardner

    I have an old plastic rosary in my car. Although I am not nor have I ever have been someone who prays or even knows how to pray the rosary; it reminds me of a greater power in the universe than the one that might be currently rocking my world. I spend alot of time in my car waiting in this or that parking lot for my kids. Touching the cross that dangles below the beads brings me to the present, if only for a moment, before I am off to the next parking lot.

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