Waste Any Time Lately?

Yesterday I spoke of the benefit of religious/spiritual experience and the gratitude I hold in my heart for this gift.  Today I am encouraged to keep at it, to keep doing those things that I need to do to stay centered.

“Whoever puts their hand to the plow and keeps looking back (i.e, keeps getting distracted, or in the mind) is unfit for the reign of God (i.e.,  cannot experience the power of God).” See Luke 9: 57-62

The importance of sticking with my practice, that which keeps me centered, has become obvious to me over the past couple of weeks when I’ve been without electricity and very busy with work.  Actually, the past couple of months I’ve been without a “Sabbath” day, a time of rest, reading, reflection, prayer.  Life has been filled with responding to various needs, people and work situations, which have placed my normal weekly Sabbath on the back burner.  As a result, I have not felt as centered and have begun to rely on my own power instead of that which can carry me through my days.

This experience again reminds me of the importance of building into our lives some “Sabbath” time.  Far from being a waste of time, it can produce within us an energy that can make us much more productive than if we kept running here and there.  I know for myself, without some Sabbath time that keeps me centered in my spiritual practice, I don’t produce good work.  When I take this waste of time, my work is given passion, energy and comes alive.

If, like me, your spiritual practice has been placed on the back burner due to busyness, demands of partners, children, work or the like, perhaps it’s time to “put your hand to the plow” as it were and take even a little “Sabbath” time.  In so doing, we will discover a Power within that can do much more in us than we could by ourselves.

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