Obama’s Dog. What We Can Learn.

 Today I saw a few more headlines about the Obama’s search for a dog to come with them to the White House. I find it amazing how much press this dog is getting and indeed how much it will get once chosen! And you know what? That dog will have NO IDEA how important, well known, famous and powerful a family it will have become a part of. It will simply love unconditionally, totally blind to human judgement.

If the dog for some reason would need to be taken out of the White House and given to another family – say, a poor family – it would be blind to the difference in surroundings, the difference in the economis status or importance of the family that it is now living with. It would simply continue to offer love.

Perhaps we all could learn something from our canine friends. Perhaps we could all benefit from removing the filters of judgement ingrained in us and become blind to the differences in people. I know that I would do well to become more like a dog. God knows that I have filters of judgement within me of which I am not even aware; yet they are there. Perhaps today I could begin opening myself to a wider circle of people and, like a dog, welcome whoever walks into the path of my life, no matter their appearance, economic status, belief system, political persuasion, etc.



One response to “Obama’s Dog. What We Can Learn.

  • hungryforsoulfood

    I’ve always thought a dog has a lot to teach us as humans simply because, as you said, a dog loves unconditionally.

    As for myself, before I can open myself to a wider circle of people I have to learn to relate more comfortably and open myself to the intimate circle of people in my life. I feel like a
    little child who is filled with “fear” and I can’t be honest about the little things that really hurt because I’m afraid of the reaction I might experience from the people I love the most.
    I don’t know how to express things the right way, use the right words.

    I wish things were different but this is where I’m at right now and maybe someday I will believe that just like my dog who loves me unconditionally, the “fear” that I live with and keeps that “little child” around will be replaced with “love” and I’ll begin growing up! I’ll be more like my little dog. I’ll be more like the person the Divine created me to be!

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