Faith and Risk

When we step out in courage, when we step out and take a risk – not knowing what the end result will be – faith comes alive.  Suddenly words of belief, words of faith and trust are no longer just words but are heard in a new way.  They take on a new reality that is spoken and felt in the heart.

Recently I have taken a couple of risks – both of which could involve the loss of my job and livlihood – but I have chosen to step out in faith because I strongly believe that the stance I take is right and good, even though I am intimidated by the “powers that be.”  I have to confess that of late I have been undergoing a bit of a spiritual desert, a dark night of the soul.  It has been one of those times in life where I have felt absolutely no spiritual connection and little motivation to connect to Source.  In taking the risks I have taken, I felt like a zomby, simply putting one foot in front of another and following through on what I had promised.  But suddenly, deep in my heart I heard a whisper:  “I am with you.  You are not alone.  Don’t be afraid.”  And in those words, summoned by the risks I was taking, the darkness of this long night was pierced by a Light within that seemed so very real – not just nice words, but real.  And it’s no big deal, no big feeling, no huge moment of revelation; just something small, something little, but something so very real that emerges from deep within me.  And in that tiny seed, I feel again the reality of which I so often write and speak.  Not just words, but a Power that is real and that promises to be with me – no matter what. 

Suddenly, in the darkness that has been this Winter moment in my life, my heart is beckoned to the reality of Spring that lay just around the corner – if I only have the patience to wait and keep putting one foot in front of the other.


One response to “Faith and Risk

  • Fellow Gardner

    As we begin to reflect on our Lenten journey and Jesus’ days in the desert, I can only wonder how many times Jesus felt just as you do today. In my heart of hearts I believe that GOD is smiling at his/her courageous child today, just as he did then and it is good. Many blessings on your journey.

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