What A Jerk!

“No prophet gains acceptance in his native place.” (See Luke 4: 24)

Ain’t it true?

I know of a minister who voluntarily left a large church at which he served as Pastor for a number of years. He no longer could agree with the teachings of his church, especially regarding women, gay people, divorce and re-marriage and, in his case, mandatory celibacy as a requirement for ministry. He no longer could agree with official teaching on who was acceptable at the table and who was not, who was acceptable as a minister and who was not, who could get married and who could not, who could adopt and who could not. He left, and hearing the call of a number of people to continue his ministry, he started his own church. It is a small, fledgling church in a humble chapel, but one can calmly feel the presence of Spirit in that gathering of people. Unfortunately, this very minister, whose compassion and genuine interest in people is palatable, and whose desire is to someday be a good husband and father – in addition to being a minister – is being called a “sinner” and people are being warned of his “grave error.”

Prophets are indeed not accepted in their own place. I pray for this man and admire his courage in the face of religious officials who now shun him.

OK, let’s bring it home. It’s easy for me to admire someone who stands in agreement with my opinions. But let’s take someone in my life who has had the courage to lovingly, but firmly, challenge me to get back on the path and deal with an issue in my life. My first reaction usually isn’t that good. Those of you who have a partner (friend or other family member) know that sometimes your partner can challenge you – hopefully in love. And oftentimes our first reaction isn’t so loving in return. BUT, if we sit back and take the time to reflect on what they are saying – we just might find that instead of being rude, insensitive, arrogant jerks – they may have been speaking the truth out of love and concern. And maybe if I heed their call and make some changes, I just might be a happier, more fulfilled person.

Who are the prophets in your life? Instead of demonizing them, can I step back and hear the truth that they are speaking to me in love?


4 responses to “What A Jerk!

  • hungryforsoulfood

    I find myself very lacking in COURAGE to speak out to a family member regardless of how one defines “family” or a close friend when I see something that I think is keeping that person from being the BEST person
    they can become. There are times when I take the leap but I guess I’m a coward because the first reaction I usually get is INDEED definitely NOT a good one and often time the person tends to stop speaking to me or never responds so I feel my attempt falls on “deaf ears.” The result is that consequently I FAIL to speak the TRUTH as I see it out of fear!

    I know that a real prophet speaks the truth with Courage and I admire those who have that Courage like the minister you have spoken about.
    I pray that someday I may be able to do the same, lovingly and firmly, without regard to the reaction that will come especially from those whom I love and care for very deeply.

    Thanks for your insight and challenging me not to ever give up when it comes to speaking the TRUTH!

    • theguyoutsidethewalls

      Knowing when and how to speak I think is the key. Knowing when to speak and when not to speak is key; and making sure that the attitude that comes through in my speaking comes from love and not sarcasm or anger is extremely important. Blessings!

  • Michael

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people have a direct line to God and know exactly what God thinks and does not think. Personally, I think those people are too willing to be deceived, but that remains an open subject.

    As for myself, I can only begin to fathom the idea of God, and don’t even have the phone number, let alone a direct line, so I leave finger pointing to those enlightened/deceived folks who believe they know so much more than I.

    As you must know, it is hard to break free and avoid the traps of organised religion and religous beliefs. As we know…that road is wide and well paved.

    Good post!

    • theguyoutsidethewalls

      Thanks. Indeed the road is wide and well paved! Good image. In the end, no matter what our beliefs or lack thereof, it’s all about self giving love.

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