The Truth Will Set You Free

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8: 31).


Did you ever try to run from the truth?  Have you, or are you hiding something from your partner?  Have you ever, or are you now living in denial about some negative behavior in your life? 




Have you ever, or are you now not acknowledging the truth of your goodness, what you have to offer to others, the gift that you are?


We spend tremendous amounts of energy hiding from the truth.  No wonder we’re so tired out at times.  Once we acknowledge the truth, it’s like a heavy weight is lifted from our shoulders and we begin to know what it is to walk through life with a bit of a lilt in our step. 


For years I hid the truth of who I was.  I hid it from others and I hid it from myself.  I lived in a prison of fear and struggle, fighting these feelings I had for those of my own sex.  After all, if I was “one of those” I was told I was headed to hell!  I will always remember the spring day when I first uttered those words out loud:  “I am gay.”  I was shaking.  I was so frightened; . . . and yet exhilarated at the same time as I felt myself being freed.  And you know what?  After I said it, the world didn’t come to an end.  As a matter of fact it felt like a two ton weight was lifted off of me.  The truth set me free.


Perhaps there is a truth within that you are struggling to acknowledge.  It might be a negative behavior that you’re hiding, or it might be realizing and acknowledging your giftedness.  Perhaps it might be good to sit and feel the weight, the pressure, all the energy that you’re spending hiding that truth.  Do you really want to live this way?  The first step to living more fully is acknowledging the truth.  In A.A. they say: “We ADMITTED we were powerless over alcohol.”  It is the admission, the acknowledgement that is the first step to freedom.  The truth will set us free!

4 responses to “The Truth Will Set You Free

  • Chaz

    Hey GuyOutside….

    I like your post.

    To me, it speaks of the self deception that so many of us are plagued with.

    In short, self deception as I have experienced it is believing untrue things about ourselves whether we know it or not. The tricky thing to me is that a great deal of the self deception I am discovering in my life is stuff I was scarecely aware of … or completely unaware.

    Often time, it seems things we believe intuitively through lifelong habits of thought, turn out to be the very self-deceptions that keep us sick and hurt.

    For me, one self-deception was that I had to be in control of everything at all times. You mention a huge weight off as we begin to discover truth…. to this I can relate.

    I finally learned that I could “surrender” and/or “turn over” things and they truly would be looked after by a power other than myself. I learned to trust something other than myself. It was such a relief after a lifetime of anxiety, depression and irritablilty from not being able to control everything in my world.

    For me, it was a lot of cultural conditioning that said that as a man, I could and should be able to manage and control. Yet, now that I have learned to surrender and simply do my part, I am able to see that those who accomplish great things all know what to take on and what to surrender.

    Life is so much better today.

    Looking forward to crossing paths more. I do not have public links on my blogs but I do link sites on my private list and read frequently. Will be linking yours.



    • theguyoutsidethewalls

      Chaz, thanks for the comment. It’s a journey isn’t it? For me, a step at a time; and when I find that I’m not “turning things over,” I just gotta get up and try again. Thanks for your words and your blog as well. Looks like a great resource for those in recovery. I too look forward to crossing paths in the future. Feel free to drop me an email if you’d like. Peace brother!

  • Theunis Pienaar

    hey – no denial. only truth. i like that & the thoughts you share interest me immensely. the way you make sense of faith & belief ‘outside of the wall’ interest me espescialy as i find myself ‘outside’, though for other reasons.

    it is interesting that we judge and oust and that we do for so many reasons, and easily.

    i’ll keenly read your thoughts hoping that it would help me on the ‘outside’. 🙂

    • theguyoutsidethewalls

      Thanks much for your comment. Nice to meet another sojourner outside the walls and know that insights connect, expand and are of help. Peace to you and yours!

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