First Things First

Can you relate to this?

Why is it that when I hit a stressful time in life, the very things – like meditation and exercise – that would help relieve stress, are the very first things to get bumped from the daily routine? It’s like something within me says, “there’s no time for this!” And so, I begin to shave these things from my daily routine. Then over time, I wonder why I am getting more stressed, having difficulty sleeping and focusing!

In reality, these are the most important things NOT to bump from the schedule in the midst of a difficult time. They are the very life-blood that keeps me grounded. Without them, all else begins to suffer – my work, my relationships, even my play time!

I lay awake last night, once again, feeling the pent up energy in my body and my restless spirit as my mind whirled. I have not exercised in a while. No wonder I am having difficulty sleeping. So much pent up energy! I have not really given myself to meditation in a while. No wonder I have difficulty focusing!

The irony is this: when I bump meditation and exercise from the schedule, it seems I don’t have enough time. When I take the time to meditate and exercise, it seems as if I have much more time on my hands, time even to play!

First things first. What are the REALLY important things that I need to maintain in order to live well, even in the midst of a stressful time?

3 responses to “First Things First

  • ggw_bach

    priorities and balance; sort of those out, and half the battle of life is taken care of 🙂

  • James

    Can I relate? I am just getting to the email now! I am taken by your mirroring. I catch my self doing the same. In fact I have been doing it a lot of late. And as a result I am not grounded, not solid, not present. Is it some part of us, the reptilian brain part perhaps, that puts us on the defensive and has the ego ignite the warrior mentality to take over and cancel the going in? It rationalizes that going in is a waste of time when the outer is in stress or crisis? So we spin around and often crash and burn. Yet, I am coming to learn, and feel, the more the warrior ego fights the stronger the heart and soul long to return to in, to Presence. And I get to a point where I can’t stand to go any longer without and must go in, just as I can not stop my heart from pulsing or my breath from rising in my chest. My soul, my heart, my God won’t let me go any further. Sure, I can relate.

    • theguyoutsidethewalls

      Bravo James! Yes! I find comfort in your image of eventually returning to inward movement when you say: “I get to a point where I can’t stand to go any longer without and must go in.” Yes! I find this comforting because we will always be lead back. No matter the situation, no matter the mess or busyness, we will be lead back to center. We will eventually seek food in our hunger.

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