This blog is aimed at those, like myself, who seek spiritual insight, but who feel themselves to be “outsidethewalls” of traditional religion. It is written for those who either have felt excluded from religion or who have outgrown some of its confines.
I write this as a gay man who has been intimitately involved with religion and spirituality. I have bachelors and masters degrees in theology. I don’t like to use the word “Christian” for all it entails these days. I feel myself to be a follower of the Christ in my insights, yet open to various ways – as I believe the Christ was – for we are all one. So I write from this perspective and from this background and experience. I will often base my thoughts on a passage from the Hebrew or Christian Scriptures. I hope that this doesn’t put you off, but expands your heart and mind as to what these texts may mean for us “outsidethewalls.”
I have often thought that the 12 Traditions and Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are one of the best models for “church,” if you want to call it that; for in adding those words “God, AS WE UNDERSTAND GOD” they opened a vista of spiritual experience that went beyond the boundaries of religion. Also, in purposely not opening AA hospitals, owning property and allying themselves with any sect or religion they have freed themselves of the politics and contraversy that institutions can create, thus keeping them focused on their primary purpose – living life in a new, spiritual and productive way. I hope that this is a forum where that can happen.
I don’t write so much to stir up controversy as I do to simply help those who may be seeking and living a spiritual path that is outside the walls of religion (even if some of us are inside those walls!). As I have often heard in 12-Step programs, I would say the same to you here – “take what you like, . . . and leave the rest.” I hope that you will find these insights helpful on your journey whoever you are and whatever your religious background or tradition be it Bahai, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist etc.

4 responses to “About

  • RJ

    I really enjoy reading your posts. They cause me to think…


  • knowledgetoday

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  • Adam

    Thank you so much for your posts! They are a sweet relief…
    As a gay man wrestling with the church, which I just can’t seem to leave behind, these posts are refreshing, insightful and have buoyed me up time and time again. Praise God for this blog!

    • theguyoutsidethewalls

      Adam, I can’t tell you how very much it means to me that you are finding an uplifting word in my blog. It encourages me. Nothing gives me more joy than when I am able to be of some help in connecting “gay” and “God” for people! Feel free to drop me an email sometime if you’d like to discuss further your journey. It all helps me as well. I wish you every good thing. May you increasingly experience the awesome love of God who created you AS YOU ARE, in God’s image and likeness! Let’s be a support to each other! Peace to you brother!

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