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I Want To Get Pregnant!

Luke 1: 5-25

You have given sterility its pregnancy!  We are, once again, beckoned to believe in the impossible.  We have in our readings two stories of women who were sterile, but become pregnant.  It’s interesting to note that these stories are fairly common in the Scriptures and always the child to be born is destined to make a great difference for the good of the people.  Great things happen from seemingly impossible situations!  Can you believe it??  I have difficulty believing it, like Zechariah, and so I remain unable to speak, paralyzed in my journey.  We all experience “sterility” in our lives, in one way or another.  What is sterile in your life these days?  What’s sterile in the life of our world?  Can I believe that this sterility can be overcome and new life can emerge?  It’s just a matter of believing!  AND taking action.  What’s some small thing that I can do today to give pregnancy to a part of my life, or that of our world, that is lifeless and sterile?  If I am honest, most of the time I am like Zechariah who basically looks at the angel and says “yeah, . . . Right!  You have GOT to be kidding!”  Most of the time I am like Zechariah and don’t believe that incredible things can happen in my life and the life of the world.  And in my lack of belief, I remain like Zechariah, lifeless, speechless and a bit listless and lethargic.   We are knocked over the head again today by God who says, “Wake up!  Believe it!”  We are again beckoned to walk through our days believing that life CAN be different, that the world CAN be different!  The past couple of weeks I have felt listless.  This morning when I read these readings and pondered them, I felt deep within me “Yeah right, . . . You have GOT to be kidding!”  And then I started to change my thinking and believe that maybe, just maybe the impossible can happen.  I’m not sure if it will.  But you know what?  . . . I’m not listless anymore.  A little pregnancy has been given to my listless sterility.

Believing Is Seeing

Most of us think it’s the other way around, . . . don’t we?  When I experience it, when I see it, when you show me, then I’ll believe it.  Isn’t this the spoken or inward response that we have to something that even slightly seems out of the ordinary?

Recently I was watching a Christmas movie, I can’t remember what it was called, or even the plot.  But what I do remember is this line in the movie:  “Seeing isn’t believing.  Believing is seeing!”

Probably due to years of my father saying things like I would never amount to anything, that I was good for nothing and could do nothing right, I still, at times, grapple with those messages in my head.  This weekend was one such weekend.  No matter how many times I have been told that I do good work, this weekend I was simply not feeling it, seeing it, or hearing it.  I sat there feeling like a failure.  Gratefully I rather quickly became aware of these negative voices in my head.  And then I thought of the line from that movie.  And immediately, in the middle of performing a task for my job, I began to think about all the successes that I’ve had in my job, all the good things that have been done and almost immediately my mood began to shift to the positive.  And, not only that, I began to see and feel differently about what I was experiencing in my job performance.

Believing IS seeing.  As we believe, so shall we see and experience life.  I also realized that I am in the midst of one hellava “stinkin thinking” streek.   And as I have moved inward, enveloped by these negative thoughts, I project that energy outward – and it, indeed becomes my reality.  I only pray for the grace to continue to become aware of such negative thinking and, by changing what I believe, what I think, that I will see myself and others differently.

Just A Little Faith – And Watch What Happens!

I began praying last week that God would direct my thinking. And it’s happening. I am realizing, particularly in one area of my life, how negative my thinking remains. I am happy that this has been brought to mind, for it gives me an opportunity to change it. We’ll see what else comes to mind as I continue to pray that God direct my thinking.

No matter what may happen in my life that says “this will never happen for you!” I need to have a little faith and keep believing that it will. And it takes just a “little” faith, just a little effort daily to watch my thinking around this area of my life, just a little reminder. I will be interested to see what happens. I look forward to it!

“If you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this sycamore, ‘Be uprooted and transplanted into the sea,’ and it would obey you.” (See Luke 17: 6)

The size of a mustard seed. Just a small seed. Just a little faith – and watch what happens!

Music’s Creative Vibration

As a musician I am sensitive to music’s vibration.  This vibration contains within it the power to literally move us.  Just think of it, something we can’t really see, a vibration, unites hearts, makes us cry, moves us to dance, to exercise, to relax and to inspiration.  At times it gets us motivated and keeps us moving.  At other times it slows us down and is like a peaceful calm to our spirits.  It lifts us up to inspiration and places on our lips words and melodies that can unlock the depths of the heart and give expression  to what may otherwise lay dormant within us.

If we can perceive that this invisible vibration has the power to move matter, is it such a stretch to believe that thought can move matter; to believe in a Force, Universe Energy, God or whatever we want to call it, that has the power to change and move matter?

Are my thoughts in vibrational harmony with what I want to create and who I want to be on this planet?  Do my thoughts sap the Life Force from me, . . .or do they create an energy that makes me dance?

Expect Good Things

Matthew 11: 20-24

We sometimes see, but we still don’t believe. Miracles happen, even little ones, but we sometimes pass it off as a coincidence or a fluke. We quickly go back to old patterns of thinking and behavior and go our merry, or not so merry, way. Jesus, in this Gospel is very frustrated, to the point of being pissed. The people see miracles all around them, but they don’t change, they don’t believe, they don’t “re-form.” Instead, they stay in the same patterns of thinking and behavior. “I see it, but that will never happen to me!” And, ironically, such disbelief keeps them grasping and hoarding whatever little they can get and pits them one against the other. If they believed in abundance, if they believed that good things happen all the time, they would no longer feel the need to hoard and grasp, or worry and fret about the future. Don’t we all do that?

I have recently become aware that a few things that I have been intentionally placing my attention on, my thoughts, are coming to pass. I am seeing these things slowly manifest in my life and in the lives of others. I see this, yet so easily can go back to negative patterns of thinking; and when I do, negative things inevitably come to pass! Can I open my eyes today and see even some small movement, some small growth, some small “miracle?” If I keep my attention on that (aka, believe!), then it will go well for me, others and the world that I hold in positive thought.

One more thought before I end today. The synchronicity of Life continues to amaze me. As I said, I have begun to realize the past couple of days that a few things I have placed my attention on are beginning to manifest in my life. This morning in my meditation I found myself thinking: “Hmm, . . . Maybe this stuff really works??!” On my way to work, I slowly came to a stop for a red light. As I sat there, I looked at the car in front of me, which had a bumper sticker on it. It said: “Expect Miracles” I smiled to myself. Perhaps that in itself was a miracle.

The Power of Believing

Mark 9: 14-29

“If you can do anything, please do! Jesus said: ‘IF YOU CAN??’ Everything is possible to the person who trusts! The boys father exclaimed: I believe. Help my lack of trust!”

Isn’t this true of most of us? We believe and yet we don’t believe. At times we are confidant and at other times, it – whatever “it” is – just doesn’t seem possible and we loose confidence.

It’s humorous how Jesus responds to this distraught father, almost as if he’s offended. At the least it seems that Jesus is frustrated, exasperated and, out of love, pleading for people just to believe! “IF YOU CAN? What do you mean, IF YOU CAN? Don’t you believe? Don’t you see that if you just trust and believe amazing things can happen??”

So much conspires to convince us that things won’t happen. Our work must be to remind ourselves daily that the impossible CAN be made manifest! We need to take time everyday to re-program our minds, our hearts and our spirits – which are programmed with limitation, negativity, scarcity and fear. It helps to hold before our mind’s eye exactly what we want for ourselves, those we love and the world and to keep our focus there – no matter what is going on around us! People who have done amazing things have often done them despite great obstacles. However, they were able to do amazing things precisely because they did not concentrate on the obstacles, but always kept before their eyes their vision of what might be. This, and this alone, is what motivated them. Perhaps that’s why Jesus gets so frustrated sometimes. He KNOWS amazing things can happen; but is sometimes surrounded by people who try to convince him otherwise. But there is no convincing him otherwise! He keeps the vision of what can be before his eyes and the Universe, Divine power, Grace – whatever you want to call it – lines up to bring the vision/the thought into form reality.

Ask any addict who has overcome an addiction and they will tell you that amazing things come to happen when you “come to believe that a Power great than yourself can restore you to sanity!” Step 2

Ask! . . . And Be Specific!

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I picked up Elizabeth Gilbert’s book that I’ve been reading called Eat Pray Love.  In the “Pray” part of the book, she chronicles her experience of going to an Ashram in India and learning meditation and the ways of Spirit under the guidance of a guru.  She is refreshingly honest about her struggles throughout the book.  What I read last night struck me.  She was speaking about asking God for things in prayer and she realized how timid and generic she has been in her prayer.  Becoming aware of this, she began to ask specifically and boldly for what she wanted!  Here’s a bit of what she says.  “If I want transformation, but can’t even be bothered to articulate what, exactly, I’m aiming for, how will it ever occur?  Half the benefit of prayer is in the asking itself, in the offering of a clearly posed and well-considered intention.  If you don’t have this, all your pleas and desires are boneless, floppy, inert; they swirl at your feet in a cold fog and never lift” (from Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, Penguin Books, copyright 2006, p.177).

I was struck by how I  am not specific in my prayers.  Added to this, I‘m also timid in my asking.  I lack boldness and, frankly, I lack faith in my prayers.  There’s something in me that still feels guilty for asking, a part of me that still feels like I shouldn’t ask, or that I definitely shouldn’t ask for too much. . . .  After all the God of the Universe, who created all things from the farthest reaches of space to the farthest reaches of an atom, the God who is limitless – can only handle so much!  . . .Where the hell did I get the concept that God can only handle so much?  Who the hell am I kidding?  This is God we’re talking about!  You know? . . . The “all things are possible” God!!

Perhaps I’m afraid to be bold and specific because I don’t really know what I want.  If that’s the case, being bold and specific in my intentions is a good exercise in becoming clear about what I want in life and in the world!

Perhaps I’m afraid to be bold and specific because I’m afraid that it won’t happen – that this person won’t be healed, or peace won’t come.  Boy, does this point to a lack of belief or what?  I guess I’ve still got a long way to go!

Do any of you experience a timidity and lack of clarity in your prayers?

This morning as I meditated, I began to take time to ask, to REALLY ask.  I asked for EVERYTHING and perhaps for one of the first times in my life, I wasn’t afraid to ask for everything.  This sense that God was too “busy” or too limited in resources was gone!!  It’s as if God was there saying “Come on, don’t be afraid, ask away!  And don’t be afraid that I’m some how going to run out of good things to give to people and the world!  After all, I’m God for heaven‘s sake!”  And so I asked, and asked, and asked, BOLDLY and specifically, . . . the prayers, the intentions just came tumbling out of me (and my mind became a little more clear about what I want in a few cases!).

What do you want for those you love, for the world and for yourself?  Ask.  Be bold!  Be specific!