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It’s All Good?

My final judgment is still out on the novel The Shack. However, I continue to find these tidbits in it that are very intriguing. The author has an interesting spin on some traditional religious and biblical concepts. Take good and evil for example.

God, in the story, describes Adam and Eve’s “sin.” By eating the forbidden apple, they gain the knowledge of good and evil. God describes this event as humans taking on the judgment of what is good and evil, labeling things as either good or bad which ultimately brings on a lot of pain. They move from a state of bliss – not judging things as good or bad – and fully trusting to one of judgment and suspicion. But how do we know what is good and what is bad?

Think back. Haven’t there been seemingly “bad” things that have happened to you, but in the end they have turned out to be the very catalysts that have lead you to better things? When you think about it, we bring on ourselves much pain, worry and anxiety simply because we judge things as “good” or “bad.”

What if we judged everything as “good?”

It’d certainly take away a lot of pain and a lot of worry and anxiety wouldn’t it? I find this something worth thinking about and having the potential of being one of those “repenting” (that is “re-thinking”) moments which might lead to a greater sense of freedom, trust and happiness in life. Eckhart Tolle, in his writings, also speaks about the pain caused by the judging mind that he calls the ego. Our true selves are “behind” our mind, at a deeper, still place where we don’t get caught up in judgments.

Think about it. If we stop labeling things that happen to us or in our world as good or bad we might come to a more peaceful, trusting place and find ourselves with a lot more energy. Could it be that it’s all good?