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I awaken, able to move

Sound body – energy even to tone

Gratitude – how blessed!

Want to Change? Be Grateful!

Luke 17: 11-19

What do you really want to change about yourself? Is it a bad habit? A negative attitude? Worry? Shyness? Overwork? Irritability? Diet? Physical activity? Time for reflection? Your social life? Taking care of your health? Your job? How you communicate with your partner? . . .

What do I really want to change about myself? Can I believe that those “leprous” parts of myself can find healing? Can I believe that those parts of myself or my life that are stuck, can get unstuck?

I’m sure the 10 lepers from Luke NEVER imagined that they would REALLY be healed, but they were! And only one came to give thanks. The others just went on. Perhaps that’s a key to healing. GRATITUDE. How often do I walk around life unaware of all that HAS changed in my life? Perhaps if I call to mind the times when I have been healed, when I have been changed, when I have accomplished this or that. Perhaps then a door of Divine Energy would open to change right now what I think cannot change.

Is gratitude a way of opening doors to further healing in my life?