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Clean Your Own Street

Matthew 7: 1-5

“Why look at the speck in your brother or sister’s eye when you miss the plank in your own.”

How often we harbor judgments toward others, especially if we have been hurt or betrayed.  This judgment can turn into a huge resentment, sapping any semblance of peace within us.  Perhaps this statement of the Christ holds a key to freedom.  Don’t keep passing judgment.  Don’t keep looking at how you have been wronged.  Look instead at your own shit.  In 12-Step programs they talk about keeping your side of the street clean; that is, don’t be taking other people’s inventories all the time.  Keep the focus on you and on the path that you’re walking.  Take your own inventory, not that of others.  This process yields greater insight than when we are focused on what someone else is doing or not doing.  “Remove the plank from your own eye first; then you will see clearly to take the speck from your brother or sister’s eye!”

When we keep the focus on ourselves and simply work our spiritual program, when we keep the focus on making sure our side of the street is clean, then we will be given the insight we need to deal with others.