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In the musical Wicked, Elphaba, the “wicked” witch sings a song called “Defying Gravity.” In it she sings a wonderful line: “Unlimited, . . . My future is unlimited!” Later in the play she sings that line again, but instead of singing “unlimited,” having experienced some hard knocks, she sings “I’m limited.” However, despite the fact that she is feeling limited at that moment, she holds fast to her original vision of being “unlimited” and life is transformed for her.

How often we get bogged down with thoughts and feelings of our limitations. Instead of keeping our focus on our dreams and visions, we so often focus on the day to day things that we all must do to live in “reality.”

Does living in “reality” preclude us from feeling unlimited and keeping our focus there?

It is those who have not allowed themselves to be bogged down, or held down by the way things are that have been the movers and shakers in our world. It is those who have constantly stretched the limits imposed by “reality” who have created new spiritualities, new cures, new technologies and new ways of being. Where would we be without such unlimited thinkers?

I was reading Wayne Dyer’s new book Excuses Be Gone. In chapter 4 he reminds us that we are unlimited. “Know that you are a soul with a body rather than the reverse” (p.75). That is, our souls are from eternity and are eternal – where there are no limitations. Remember this! If I could be or do anything I would want, without any current limitations imposed on me – what would it be? Ask yourself this question. And when you get the answer, this is what we need to keep before our eyes – not the limitations of “reality!”

Am I Attractive?

Last evening I had the pleasure of spending a little time with a friend of mine who radiates wonderfully positive energy. She lights up a room when she walks in because of the light within her. This is a woman who has suffered deeply in her life. Despite that suffering, she maintains a deep faith and belief in the goodness of people and in God. Despite adversity, she looks for the positive in her life and what, even seemingly bad experiences can be leading her to.
She is one who looks at every event and person that comes into her life as a teacher and an energy brought into her life for a reason. Because she believes so deeply in Goodness, even tragic experiences become a conduit, a door to deeper living and loving. Does she get down at times? Yes. But her faith, her positive attitude and her self giving spirit lift her from what could be a depressing life filled with self pity. Instead of wallowing in self pity, she looks consistently to the needs of others. She is also one who makes mistakes at times, but rather than spending days berating herself, she admits it, deals with it and then goes on with life.

She may not be rich materially, but she is firmly convinced that she will be taken care of. Because she believes this, she doesn’t cling to what she has, but freely gives. And because of her wonderfully positive energy, she attracts wonderful people and things into her life. I wanna be just like her when I grow up!

This gives me pause to think about the energy that I am putting out there.  Is it attractive?  What kinds of things and people am I consequently attracting into my life? 

If I’m not “attractive,” what can I do to change that?