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NOTE: I meant to post this on Christmas Eve, but a very good friend of mine had a stroke at the age of 40 the day before Christmas Eve. He’s only 40 years old. He remains in critical condition, but is showing signs of improvement. Please keep him, his partner and family in positive thought and prayer. Thanks!

Last week I stopped in a drug store and noticed that the Christmas stuff was already marked off 50%. I had no intention of buying yet another Christmas decoration; but I almost felt as if I was lead to look. In the midst of the plethora of decorations were some simple, painted wood block words. One of them said: “Believe.” I felt something as I picked it up, an energy, . . . and ended up buying it. It now sits front and center above my fireplace, and as I pray and meditate in the morning I look at it. As I walk through the living room a hundred times a day, I look at it. It becomes a mantra, a reminder – “Believe!” “Watch your thoughts.” “Your beliefs create reality.” I’ve just begun reading Wayne Dyer’s new book called Excuses Be Gone, in which he talks about scientific studies that have been done which prove that what we believe can literally create our reality, bring healing and affect our lives, positively or negatively – depending on what our beliefs are.. Scientific proof!

I can’t help but think that I was lead to buy that wood block word. I will keep it in my home year round, as a reminder.

Again, some, including myself might find a lot of the movies, songs and hype that surrounds us this time of year a bit sweet and syrupy. But it is good that collectively this time of year, many people are lead to positive thoughts and feelings – and frankly I’ve seen examples time and again where such thoughts create reality. I have seen and experienced kindness and self giving that is admirable. What a grace that we have this time of year that so many humans are thinking good thoughts and believing good things. What a great thing it would be if we carried such thoughts and beliefs through the rest of the year. Imagine the reality that collectively we could create in our world!

I love the song “Thankful,” made popular by Josh Groban. The song is written by David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager and Richard Page. The text of the refrain and the music wonderfully express our desire to turn our attention to what is good and hopeful:

“So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be
And on this day we hope for
What we still can’t see”

I hope that the little wood block word that I was lead to serves as a reminder throughout the year. Imagine the world we could bring into being if the good will that is felt this time of year was always in our thoughts!


The silence of no thought

It speaks with increasing volume
Enticing me . . .

“Wanna figure it out?”
“No thought”
“Wanna change?”
“No thought”
“Wanna create?”
“No thought”
“Wanna love?”
“No thought”
“Wanna live well?”
“No thought”
“Wanna die well?”
“No thought”

In this silence, the song rises in my heart again
And I am made new.

The Power is Now!

Last night I picked up a Benedictine Daily Prayer book to pray “Compline,” which is a prayer that completes and closes the day.  I used to pray those prayers for years in the seminary, but hadn’t prayed in that way in quite a while.  I’m not sure that I was praying  or just reading through it.  I was, however, struck by the message I was clearly receiving.  And  I am amazed what happens if we are open and respond to promptings within.  Something compelled me to open that book and this is what I read:

“You have put into my heart a greater joy than they have from an abundance of corn and new wine.” Psalm 4

“With length of days I will content you;  I shall let you see my saving power.”  Psalm 90

“With my own eyes I see the salvation you prepared for all peoples!” Luke 2: 29-32

I was particularly struck by the passage from Luke.  I had always remembered hearing “With my own eyes I HAVE seen the salvation prepared for all peoples.”  I was struck that is was here in the present tense, “I SEE salvation prepared for all peoples.”   The message was clear.  A reminder that I am indeed seeing NOW the power of the Universe, the Divine Spirit.  It is not something in the future, but something that I am seeing NOW.  And this indeed brings a joy that far surpasses any passing pleasure found in things (aka, “an abundance of corn and new wine”).  It is worth more than gold and brings an energy and excitement that is palatable.  As I laid the book down, I gently smiled, grateful for this reminder and most grateful that I was indeed seeing good manifested in my life and the lives of others I have held in thought.  One woman is seeing signs of physical healing.  One other has been given the gift of realizing how very strong she is by confronting an injustice.  Another is being opened to healing in his life as a result of her confrontation.   Attachments slowly begin to fall away within me.  Greater consciousness awakens.

Are you seeing NOW, a Power and Energy at work within you and those you hold in good thought?  As you watch your thoughts, what positive things are beginning to manifest in your life and the life of the world?