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You Wanna Play?

One important aspect of living a spiritual path that I often overlook is play.  We have a tendency to get so serious about our spiritual lives, or life in general.  Work, running here and there, getting things done, taking care of our kids, being responsible etc.  Very little time is given to play.  And usually we don’t think much about this lack of play time as adults.  But, imagine if we never gave our children time to play.  Suddenly the importance of play in life is put into perspective.

We know that in children play is a stress reliever and an energy release.  We know that it helps in the development of free imagination.  It relaxes the mind and the body.  We know that play time usually means happy time.  Imagine what life would be for children if they were never allowed to play, or had very little time for it.  They’d probably crack.  Why is it then that we so easily discount play as adults?

Play has the same restorative effect on us as it does on children.  It gives us a psychic break, allows the mind and spirit to breath and in this breathing, imagination and creativity are given birth.  Far from being a waste of time, play, like prayer, is essential in re-energizing us for life’s work.

Spend some time playing each week!