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Give Me Millions! $$$

How I wish I had millions of dollars that I could invest in contemplative spiritual centers and radio and TV media to get the voices of progressive Christians out there!

I was talking the other day with a person from my church and she commented on a segment of the Republican Party that is mean spirited and viscious, exhibited in the “booing” at John McCain’s concession speech.  I believe Bill Moyers, on NPR the other day, called this element of the Republican Party “reptilian.”  Winning is not enough. Critiquing the other side is not enough.  They must destroy the other side!  My friend from church said that her theory as to the presence of this element in the Party is due in large part to people like Rush Limbaugh.  For years, if not decades now, they have been listening to very aggressive, rude, mean spirited voices like this.

What we listen to or watch, forms our minds and perception and eventually affects our behavior.  Such conservative political shows are prevalent and certainly in the religious sphere, almost all radio and TV shows of a religious nature are from a fundamentalist Protestant, or conservative Catholic perspective.  Such shows are rampant.  But progressive Christian voices in media are precious few!

How I would love to have millions of dollars to get the voices of progressive preachers, writers and scholars out in radio and TV media on a daily basis and to fund contemplative spiritual centers!  How wonderful it would be to get educated voices out there 24/7 to expose people to a deeper and more well reasoned Christianity and to a more accurate understanding of Scripture and what it means for us from a Historical/Critical perspective.  Such voices are few and far between in the media.

Anyone have a few million dollars laying around to help get these voices out there?