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Now Is The Time

This past weekend I was talking to a friend who is very much into fitness. She is hot to say the least! Her upper arms are like a fine sculpture. OK, lest you think I’ve gone the other way, I’d really like her upper arms, but on a guy! On to my point. I told her that I really need to get back into my exercise routine. I said I would do it as soon as this transition in my life is over and in place. She looked at me and said: “Why wait? Do it now!”

Why do I think that I don’t have the time to take care of myself in the midst of busy transition? The reality is that if I don’t take care of myself, consequences loom. Already I feel the pain of acid in my stomach as worry consumes me, a pain that would work itself out with some stress reducing exercise!

Is there something in your life that you’re putting off until the “right time comes?” In reality, there is no right time. Now is the right time. Go for it! . . . And pray that I can too!


Mark 2: 1-12


Did you ever feel paralyzed, emotionally, physically or spiritually?

Sometimes life is like that. We get stuck. Moving forward seems impossible. I have recently been in one of those paralyzed seasons of life. Can I believe that the same Power that set free, healed and raised to new life can, even now, do the same?

When I am paralyzed I am without energy. However, I must put one foot in front of another and keep moving. I may not “feel” like it, but I must keep moving. Oftentimes we may not “feel” like doing something, but there is Power in just taking one small step to do it anyway. Love is that way sometimes isn’t it? Work is that way. Life is that way. We may not feel like doing this or that; but it’s important to do it anyway. And in the taking of one small step, there can be contained a Power that lifts and heals and raises to new life. Sometimes it’s just a matter of moving, just taking a step.

What paralyzes you today? What keeps you from moving, from taking a step?

Sometimes fear keeps us from risking a step in life. We fear the unknown and so settle for a lifeless sense of comfort. Yet sometimes we are beckoned to take one step, just take a step, just one risk and see where the path might lead. We may find ourselves freed from the paralysis of our comfortable, secure life and born into an adventure that promises no security, but gives birth to a lived life.

Take a step today!

Follow the Promptings

When we lift our thoughts to the Universe, whether we call this prayer, meditation, positive thinking or the like –  when we lift our thoughts for others or ourselves, expect a response.  Watch for it!  When I have lifted something in prayer or thought, I need to be attentive to I the promptings that I feel within AND respond to them.  When I am lined up with Divine energy, the promptings that I feel within may well be pointing me in a direction.  It behooves me to respond to these inner promptings and take action.  This is our part in manifesting spirit into form reality.  Karl Rahner, a great theologian of the 20th century used to say that Divine action is 100% God AND 100% us.  That is, if I just sit back and think positively, pray, meditate or whatever, but don’t respond to the promptings and situations that Life puts in my path – little will happen.

Is there something that you have felt stirring within you?  Is Life putting something in your path to lead you somewhere?  Are you responding to it?

Follow the promptings and see where life takes you.  Watch what happens in your relationships, your work or your life situation.  We might be surprised!

Do Great Things? You? Really??

Today some churches celebrate two icons of the Christian tradition: Peter and Paul. Two very different men. Two very different perspectives. Peter, a staunch traditionalist, clinging to his Jewish traditions and Paul, the great Jewish fundamentalist turned Christian progressive! Peter, who thought the Christian message was only for Jews. And Paul, who opened the doors for the message to be spread to and lived by all. Two very different men. But two very similar men in that both were quite flawed and both were men of great passion.

Paul ruthlessly persecuted early Christians and could oftentimes be a braggart . He had an ego the size of the planet! And Peter could be a fumbling idiot at times, shooting off his mouth before speaking. In the end he even denied knowing Jesus and he wept bitterly over his lack of courage. Yet, he became the rock of this new movement, going from a frightened man behind a locked door to one who openly and boldly told his truth! And Paul, after being knocked of his high fundamentalist horse, saw the blindness of his ways and went so far as to insist that ALL were welcome, even those “pagans!” Two flawed passionate men who did not allow their flaws to stop them!

How often we think “who am I to do great things?” We look at our shortcomings and perhaps our lack of education, experience or resources. We look at the mistakes we’ve made and continue to make and, because of this, we muddle through life idly, hiding somewhere on the periphery, afraid to come front and center. Yet who is the one without flaws? What leader is without “sin?” What leader has not made mistakes? Perhaps the biggest mistake we could possibly make would be to allow our flaws to stop us from stepping up to the plate.

Or sometimes society holds people down, keeps them in their place. Imagine years ago when a person of color, a woman or an openly gay person wouldn’t have dreamt of being a leader! And today, slowly, ever so slowly, precisely because people have had the courage to step up to the plate and not be held down, people of color, women and openly gay people are increasingly taking positions of leadership and letting their light shine!

Instead of concentrating on our flaws, instead of allowing ourselves to be held in place by societal, cultural or even religious norms, think instead about the gift that we are and the light we have to share and . . . step up to the plate. And when people start knocking us down, as leaders are, let the one who is without a flaw cast the first stone!

Dont Just Listen . . . Do Something!

James 1: 19-27

“Act on this word. If all you do is listen to it, you are deceiving yourselves.”

Isn’t it true at times that we know what we need to do to live well, we know what we should be doing that might make us feel better; we know, but sometimes we don‘t act and then we wonder why we feel lifeless or without direction! We know it might be good to check in with a therapist, we know it might be good to initiate some sort of daily spiritual practice to keep us focused, we know it would be good to reach out and help someone, we know it might be good to act on that impulse to introduce ourselves to that guy, we know it might be good to get out of our comfort zone and expand our horizons, we know it might be good to exercise a bit, we know it might be good to read a good book or listen to a good set of talks, we know it would help to watch our thoughts and think positively. . . . And the list goes on. We know. We know. We know. But knowing without acting will get us nowhere!

We are to be co-creators with the Divine. Things will manifest in our lives and our world when we not only place our attention on them, but when we act in ways that help make those things happen. And sometimes the act of placing our thoughts on those good things is the very first action we can take. It’s 100% God and 100% us!

I remember a long time ago having a therapist/spiritual director who told me that it’s good and well to believe that God will bring a good man into my life, but if I believe that and just sit in my house, chances are, the guy’s not just going to walk up to my house and ring the doorbell! I need to get out there and put myself in good situations where that might happen!

The fact is, we sometimes know where our life is and where we want to be. We know what we need to do to get to where we want to be; but sometimes we don’t take the action on the thoughts! Just sitting there thinking about it won’t get us far! What’s one step I can take today, one action that will help make me the person that I want to be?