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What one of us is not? Constrained by society, family, church. My mouth is taped shut – but my spirit here finds wings and a way. I once heard that “God makes a way out of no way.” I am at a point where I feel there is no way – no bright promise of a free future, even though I have held on. Although I would love to use my gifts of speaking to help, to free, to connect it is doubtful that I will be able in this lifetime. Perhaps this is the only way – reaching you who read this. Although I so desire to speak freely, I am grateful for this “way” and pray it helps someone along their way.

Want to Change? Be Grateful!

Luke 17: 11-19

What do you really want to change about yourself? Is it a bad habit? A negative attitude? Worry? Shyness? Overwork? Irritability? Diet? Physical activity? Time for reflection? Your social life? Taking care of your health? Your job? How you communicate with your partner? . . .

What do I really want to change about myself? Can I believe that those “leprous” parts of myself can find healing? Can I believe that those parts of myself or my life that are stuck, can get unstuck?

I’m sure the 10 lepers from Luke NEVER imagined that they would REALLY be healed, but they were! And only one came to give thanks. The others just went on. Perhaps that’s a key to healing. GRATITUDE. How often do I walk around life unaware of all that HAS changed in my life? Perhaps if I call to mind the times when I have been healed, when I have been changed, when I have accomplished this or that. Perhaps then a door of Divine Energy would open to change right now what I think cannot change.

Is gratitude a way of opening doors to further healing in my life?

Building Temples

In Catholic circles the dedication of a church building is celebrated today – the dedication of the Cathedral church of Rome – St. John Lateran.

Such a feast strikes me as very bizarre!  Why have a feast celebrating a building?  After all, buildings will crumble, buildings come and go.  Yet on the other hand, there is something to be said for “sacred space.”  That space could be within a building for some, and in the Cathedrals of forests and mountains for others.  The fact is, in the noisy, frenzied society in which we live, the need for sacred space becomes paramount.  We all need a place to go where we can be silent, renewed and refreshed, whether that be within the walls of a building, our homes or in nature.

What’s curious to me in this feast is that the readings suggested don’t so much point to the building of a temple.  In the end, does God really care about all these temples and monuments built to Her/His name??  I don’t think so.  The Scripture readings speak of the temple that you and I are and the importance of caring for that temple and building up the body that we are as humans.  It is about building bridges of forgiveness and love between peoples and nations.  It is about caring for our own body temples and our minds.  It is about building up one other in love, reaching beyond our comfort zones at times to care for the lonely, the lost, the hurting.  This is what it means to building a temple pleasing to God.

So, how well am I caring for the temple that is my body?  How am I contributing to the building up of those who are in need?

Dealing With Drama

2Timothy 1: 1-3, 5-12

“The Spirit God has given us is no cowardly spirit but rather one that makes us strong, loving and wise.”

Strong. Loving. Wise.

These are three personal qualities worth striving after. They stand in contrast to what our culture tells us is worth striving after: money, fame and instant gratification. If someone described me as being a person that is strong, loving and wise, that would be a compliment indeed. I’ve got a ways to go though!

Frances de Sales said: “Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength.” Strength, it seems to me, is born of adversity. It is in the weathering life’s storms that one proves one’s strength. And the truly strong are those who are firmly rooted, but do not seek to dominate. The truly strong are those who are also loving and wise and who do not walk all over people to get what they want in life. They are the ones who are able to sacrifice for the good of another and who keep loving even when they don’t want to. It strikes me that the wise are those who know when to speak and when not to speak. They are those who are able to accept life where it’s at and not force something to happen. All unfolds in its time. They do not get swept up in emotional drama, but are able to step back, reflect and then act appropriately. Strength is proven in self control.

Yesterday I found myself reacting to some drama. I quickly found myself getting swept up into it and, had I done that, I would have reacted in the same dramatic fashion that I was reacting to in the first place! Gratefully, I was able to step back, pause and see what I was doing, and in so doing I was able to detach from the drama and then act appropriately and have a good evening. This was a small moment of strength, love and wisdom. 12 Step programs say this: when I am agitated, I pause. . . . I pause. . . . It’s amazing what can happen when I don’t react, but pause, step back and then act appropriately and wisely to the situation at hand.

Am I strong enough to pause when I am agitated today?  Am I loving enough to think before I speak or react? Am I wise enough to know an appropriate course of action?