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Setting The Table

Visions of days past loom like distant memories
When I would gather them

Songs of passion, dreams of a different shore – a way for us to be – that seemed within reach

A heart that beat with affect and hope, open and seeking – dashed – yet like the phoenix,
Rising from the ashes
Flying again into your heart.

The gravity of ashes now speak: “lay here”
Rebirth – a distant belief
Voices of sunrise silenced
Visions of setting the last table become the heart’s

Visions. Songs. Dreams. Heart.
Has the Song found it’s end? Is the table to be

The Vision still has its time. Here . . . A spark.

Are You Willing?

I admire the courage of those who have risked their jobs and the support of family, friends and associates to take a stance, to walk in a new way and to make a new dream a reality. It is such people that make things change. It’s like the thoughts that many have, the conversations about how this or that should be different, suddenly become REAL when someone stops talking and starts doing.

“Everyone who has given up home, brothers or sisters, father or mother, wife or children or property for my sake, will receive many times as much . . .” (See Matthew 19: 23-30)

What am I being called to let go of in order to make a new dream a reality?

Obama as Symbol: Dream Your Dreams!

Yesterday Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States.

No matter what one might think of him as a person or leader, he emerges as a symbol, not only for the people of the United States, but of the world. Last night, there was a palatable sense of coming together – even from John McCain and some Republicans. There was also a sense of humility that Obama exhibited and a refreshing acknowledgement from a person who is now a world leader, that he would make mistakes and disappoint and that the change needed would take a lot of work, from everyone. Yet while acknowledging these realities, there was a deeper sense of hope that things CAN change, that dreams CAN become reality. And in this, Obama becomes a symbol of a much deeper reality. For once hope is enflamed, the energy to task is given and one can begin to rise, despite obstacles and see unthinkable dreams into reality. “To dream the impossible dream,” as the song goes from The Man of La Mancha is indeed a good thing. One must continue to dream, despite the obstacles, despite the opposition, despite what might seem an insurmountable wave of voices that say “no you can’t!”

I was struck by the diversity of ages, skin colors, economic brackets, sexual orientations and religious affiliations at Obama’s rally last night. There seemed no one group that was predominant, but a mix of people that is the face, the glory and the challenge of America.

What also struck me is that most of the unprecedented money that Obama raised for his campaign came from people who donated $200.00 or less. Not much big money, but a lot of small money, everyday people coming together with a little, created an unprecedented abundance. This too stands as symbol.

He is being touted as the first “African American President,” yet the symbol goes far beyond that. For in being Bi-Racial he creates within his own being and history a coming together of divergent cultures and world views. It’s not so much about being African American, or a woman, or gay, or Latino or a man – but it’s about being American and ultimately a citizen not only of this country but of the planet.

Again, no matter what one might think of the man, he stands as a symbol that anything we dream CAN become reality and that as small as we are, our voices DO matter.

What are the dreams that you have for the world? What are the dreams that you have for the country, our society, your church, our world? What are the dreams that you have for your self and your loved ones? Can I believe again that in the midst of the seemingly insurmountable voices that say “no you can’t,” we can say “yes we CAN!” (Barack Obama Acceptance Speech, November 4th 2008)

From Dream to Reality

We all have dreams.  Dreams of the way we want our lives to be.  Dreams for our children.  Dreams for our world, our faith communities and our society.

Sometimes we get paralyzed by thinking that there is nothing that we can do to make real the dreams that we have.

In reality, all that we need to do is simply take a step to make our dreams reality and chances are, that one step will have power to begin to make dreams a reality.  If we simply dream without taking concrete steps, nothing will happen.

Teresa of Avila, a mystic and reformer in the 16th century said this:  “If a person should do no more than take one step, the step will contain in itself so much power that they will not have to fear losing it, nor will they fail to be very well paid.”  (The Way of Perfection).

What step can we take today to give birth to a dream that we hold within?

Making Dreams Reality

As I write this it is the 40th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s assassination. His time and ours are remarkably similar. One thing he said which strikes home to me is this: “I dream dreams that never were and say, . . . ‘Why not?’”

Dreamers can be frustrated when others say “why?” But dreamers keep dreaming and working to make the dream a reality. Who would have thought back in Robert’s day, when the struggle for civil rights was just emerging, that 40 years later – almost to the day of Robert’s assassination – an African American would take the Democratic nomination for President of the United States? I’m sure the people who spoke eloquently, who wrote, who inspired multitudes in those days; the people who fought and died, who were beaten and arrested and held down – I’m sure they never imagined that this day would come. But a dream was dreamed and one day somebody said: “Why not?” And things changed.

I have a dream when gay people can be looked upon as equal in God’s sight and when our love can be celebrated as sacred as anyone else’s. I have a dream of the world coming together in peace and when people no longer see themselves as citizens of this or that country, but citizens of the earth. I have a dream when people no longer say “God bless America,” but “God bless the World!” It strikes me that there are many players in making a dream reality. We need the people out front. We need the speakers. We need the writers. And we need those people who work to change perceptions just one person at a time. And it frightens me to admit that we need great courage, the courage to be yelled at, beaten, killed and arrested. I am not sure I have such courage.

No matter who we are, we all have dreams. What is your dream? What is the vision that you have for yourself, for others and the world? Do you think it’s crazy? Do others? Instead of just dreaming, perhaps we should say “Why not?” And then take a step to making the vision a reality!