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Is There Anybody Like Me Out There??

Because I had such a graced coming out experience that was very much connected with my relationship with God as well as other gay people, I naively have thought that, in this day and age, with welcoming churches, positive gay images in the media, etc., those who feel pained and alienated from a sense of Divine love and community are few. As I connect more and more with other groups through the internet by way of this blog, I begin to see that the opposite is true.

There are many, both gay and straight, who continue to suffer deeply because of erroneous images laid on them by religious figures in their lives. Filled with fearful images, told that they are sinful, intrinsically disordered, sick and in need of repentance, they walk through life with a heavy burden, which continually saps energy and joy from their lives. Or perhaps they grew up with a deep love for their church and a comforting sense of God’s presence in their lives. . . . Then they were told they were not welcome, that they were evil and an abomination in the eyes of God; and they walked away into adulthood, with a sense of loss, mourning the connection with church and God which used to be such a source of peace for them. Or perhaps other are like a straight woman I know who lives in abject fear that she is going to hell for the slightest infraction of religious “law,” because as a child these messages were hammered into her. Gratefully, she is slowly beginning to disconnect God with Religious law and connect God with Love!

Indeed, those in need are many! There are many who still need to be set free with the good news that they are loved as they are! “The harvest is plenty, laborers are scarce.” See Matthew 9: 32-38

What contribution can I make to heal those who are still walking in fear? What can I do to let someone know that they are not alone today? How can I create a sense of worth in those who have been so unjustly damaged? What can I do to free those who feel mute and silenced? The good news is, there are communities out there, there are resources and there are laborers in the field who ARE proclaiming good news and setting people free!