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What’s Really My “God?”

At times I think we all worship at the altars of false gods that fail to satisfy. These can be money, things, possessions, sex, the pursuit of a lover, power, prestige, etc. We all at times worship false gods. All of the above are not bad in and of themselves if they are in perspective and held for good use. But sometimes what happens is that these things, among others, become the focus of our lives. At these times we begin to worship false gods.

Today we might take some time to put things in perspective and think about what REALLY gives us a sense of satisfaction? When I am choosing to be there for others, when I am choosing to live in good ways, when I am thinking in positive ways instead of negative, when I choose compassion and kindness even when my mood is bad, when I respond instead of react . . . then I have an inner sense of peace and well being. Again, like yesterday, I think we are reminded to ask ourselves the question, what is the “kingdom,” what is the legacy that we are building in our lives? When all is said and done, how do I want to be remembered?


To What Do I Give My Time?

Matthew 22: 15-21

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s but give to God what is God’s.”

Obviously this was an attempt to trap Jesus into saying the wrong thing.  Instead Jesus confounds them by this saying and gives them nothing with which to hang him.

What can it say to us?  When I reflect on this Gospel placed before us today, I have to ask myself:  how much time am I giving to “Caesar” and how much time am I giving to God?  That is, is my daily focus about the building of my “kingdom” here or about the building of God’s kingdom here?  Is a majority of my time spent in concerns about my own life, my house, my relationship, my, my, my, my. . . ?  Or is my focus more on building up people, lifting and guiding them, healing hurts etc.?

How and with what concerns do I spend the majority of my time?