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Leaving Home

Today is traditionally held to be the Feast of the Epiphany, on which the visit of the Magi is commemorated. We don’t know who they were or even how many there were. We don’t even know if they were Kings. One thing is sure though, they were seekers. And to seek, they had to leave home and travel a long way.

I think too of the Holy Family and their need to leave home for a long time and go to a foreign land because Herod was after them, killing all male babies. We read this as if it were a blip on the map of their existence, but I can only imagine the sojourn that must have been, before they felt safe to return to their homeland.

Sometimes in order to seek, to grow as people, we have to leave home, we have to leave that which is comfortable. Think of a budding relationship. So many of us who are single “seek” that; but in order to find it, we have to leave that which is comfortable and slowly take the risk of entering another’s life and space. Whatever we seek, sometimes we have to leave that which is comfortable in order to find it.

Sometimes, however, we are forced to leave home. I think of the many gay people who have been forced from their homes, their churches and their circle of friends simply because they come out as being gay. I think of those who have to leave home, jobs, friends because of the violence of war that surrounds them. I can only imagine how painful it would be.

Yet I have to believe that in every home leaving, there is a home finding, a discovery of a place called home that is deep within us and not dependent on external factors.

What do you seek? What “home leaving” do you need to do in order to find what you seek?