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Come and See

John 1: 35-42

Did you ever feel totally unconscious in life, like you were just going through the motions with little internal inertia?  Perhaps the early followers of Jesus were feeling like that.  Obviously they were seeking something, searching.  Were they dissatisfied with where their life was?  Jesus notices them following him and asks them:  “What are you looking for?”  Now, you would think that they would have responded with various requests, dreams for their lives, meaning, healing or whatever.  But they don’t.  What they say is:  “Rabbi, where do you stay?”

I’m not sure that the disciples had a clue of what they were looking for.  But there was something about this man that beckoned them, something about him stirred something within them.  What they did do is act!  Jesus says:  “Come and see.”  And that’s what they did.  They put one foot in front of the other and spent time with him – having no idea where it would lead.

Sometimes life is like that isn’t it?  Something just isn’t quite right, we’re not quite satisfied, yet we don’t know what it is that we seek.  Perhaps in times like this what we need to do is act, put one foot in front of the other, walk outside the closed doors of our being and try something, something healthy for our bodies, minds and spirits.  Who knows where it may lead?


I Want to Say Something to All of You.

Luke 12: 13-21

“Thus will it be for those who store up treasures for themselves, but are not rich in the matters of God.”

Sometimes on the evening News we are given the announcement that this or that movie star or world leader from the past has died.  I remember years ago a friend of mine saying “Sic transit gloria mundi!”  “Thus passes the glory of the world!”

We think we’re going to be here forever.  And so much of our time is swept up in the building of our kingdoms here.  In the end, will any of that matter?

Years ago, when I was in High School and falling in love with boys left and right, even though I wouldn’t admit it, there was a song that was sung often during Mass.  I went to a Catholic High School, a small, close knit all boys school.  This song was often used at graduation Masses.  It was published by the Monks of Weston Priory and it’s called “Wherever You Go.”  It’s based on that wonderful text from the book of Ruth.  “Wherever you go, I will go.  Wherever you live, I will live. . . .”  In the middle of the two verses of this song was a wonderful spoken part and, if I can remember it correctly, it went something like this:

“I want to say something to all you who have become a part of the fabric of my life.  The color and texture which you have brought to my being have become a song and I want to sing it forever.   There is an Energy which makes things happen, when the paths of other persons touch ours and we have to be there and let it happen. When the time of our particular sunset comes, our ‘thing,’ our accomplishment won’t really matter.  But the clarity and care with which we have loved each other will speak with vitality of the great gift of life that we have been for each other.” (Monks of Weston Priory)

I want to say something to all of you.

I hope and pray that somehow my life, and yours, is not so much caught up in the building of my “thing” or accomplishment, but the building up of you as a person.  I hope and pray that the affect that I leave on the world won’t be so much about the size of house I had, how much money I made, how smart I am and how many degrees I have, how big my business has grown, etc.  But I hope that the affect I leave on the world will be the spark of vitality and life that I have given to others.

To what are we giving our time?