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Go For It!

Depending on what’s going on in your life, the holidays can either be something that you welcome or that you want to avoid, or somewhere in between. Whatever the case, there is, after Christmas, a sense of pause, out of the routine of normal schedule, at least for many. This forms within a natural contemplative space, which points us to a new year that is about to dawn and to thoughts of personal evaluation. All of this of course leads to New Year’s resolutions.

The time when we come near to ending one year and beginning another has a freshness about it. The past is past and we look to the future with new hope. An energy emerges which gives renewed possibility to what previously may have seemed impossible . . . “I’ll never loose weight! I’ll never be consistent about my diet and exercise! I’ll never find time for my kids! I’ll never find a partner! I’ll never overcome this addiction! I’ll never find the right job! I’ll never feed my mind with more good reading! I’ll never have time for prayer or reflection!” . . . And the list goes on. But, this time of year, doesn’t it seem like some of those “nevers” come closer to being possible?

The important thing to remember, I think, is to be consistent with little changes. Even one small change in a day can make a big difference in overcoming inertia.

Do you see the possibility? Go for it!