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The silence of no thought

It speaks with increasing volume
Enticing me . . .

“Wanna figure it out?”
“No thought”
“Wanna change?”
“No thought”
“Wanna create?”
“No thought”
“Wanna love?”
“No thought”
“Wanna live well?”
“No thought”
“Wanna die well?”
“No thought”

In this silence, the song rises in my heart again
And I am made new.


Like a dying star
Convulsing – trying to hold on
The heat – intense as gravity folds in on itself and energy ceases
Unable to escape the intensity – I collapse inward and finally explode

Will I fall into the inescapable darkness?

Or find myself thrust outward in a burst of creative energy
Forced and forged by this seeming death
Exploding into newness – Supernova my name?

Elements strong and bright
Silver and gold are forged in this heat
Gravity’s intense pressure – beauty’s unlikely birthplace


I awaken, able to move

Sound body – energy even to tone

Gratitude – how blessed!

Songs of Vibrant Living

Songs of Vibrant Living

After a seemingly disastrous meditation session yesterday morning, where my mind kept whirling about the various tasks I had to accomplish that day, I made an effort at simply being present to what I was doing. And you know what? . . . I ended up accomplishing more than I had set out to do that day, AND when I stopped rushing and thinking about the next task, I began to enjoy what I was doing. The day was transformed from being a rushed jumble of activity to a day well lived – filled with a sense of being alive, instead of merely existing and watching time pass.

Some years ago I wrote a poem called “Songs of Vibrant Living,” which speaks to this sense of being present to life, amidst its busyness. I would like to share that poem with you. Try to stay present today and see what happens.

 Enfolded by evening and the echo of the loon

     The stars, radiant and still –

     Teaching grandeur and humility at once –

     Inspire awe.


The dawn of light upon silver waters

     The air still

     Spirited creatures of earth quietly fill the space with

     Songs of vibrant living

All a hymn to the desire of my heart

Stillness gives birth to life.


To the Great and Awesome Mystery

     That in stillness gave spark to living

The dim flame of my being, seeking new breath,

      Ascends in its desire . . .

In daily chaos from within and without

     Unfold the path of stillness

     Dawn’s light

     Songs of Vibrant Living






Listen to the Rose

In the silence of the morning
The dew kissed rose
Awakens to the light

And in its velvet red light
My spirit is made present
The pain and worries of the past
Seemingly insurmountable at the time
Seem now a distant memory

This rose
Only a few weeks ago
Seemingly dead in its Winter
Now bursts forth with life

This rose
Of no practical use
Simply in its being
Speaks to my heart
Fear not
The dead of your Winter
Will soon burst forth
To the light of a new Spring

Chill Out! It’s On Its Way!

The chatter of the mind

The voices that disturb the serenity of the soul

The incessant images of concerns displayed like

Flashing images on a TV Screen

The impatience of ego’s desire: I want it NOW!


Divine peace in the midst of the mind’s storm:

Chill out! It’s on its way!

Surrender to its appointed time, . . . And live.


And this peace, beyond ego‘s capacity to bestow,

Opens the door to Presence – the portal to Future’s bliss!