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Healing Presence

Did you ever know someone in whose presence you felt connected, peaceful and refreshed?  We literally are healed by such people.  We draw strength from them.  When we walk about life alone, or trying to do it all ourselves this may work for a while.  But gradually we loose our life force and begin to whither on the vine.  Conversely when we open ourselves to healing presence in others, life takes on new meaning and it’s as if our spirit comes alive with this new food.  “Not by bread alone do we live!”  We need the “food” of others in order to live well in this life.

Some of us, because of past hurts, tend to crawl into our shells, afraid to depend on others, afraid to open our hearts or even ask for simple help.  Perhaps this initially feels the safer way to go about life; but gradually we begin to die, perhaps not physically, but our spirits begin to whither.  Is this any way to live?

It’s no accident that creeds, mission statemets and the 12 Steps begin with the word “we.”  None of us can do it alone.  Yes, in opening ourselves to others, to groups, to churches, to lovers – we may indeed get hurt.  But what’s the alternative?   A safe, but lifeless existence?

Who are the people from whom you can draw healing and strength?  How are you called to be healing presence for others?

Analyzing to Death

I was listening to a talk this morning given by Ekhart Tolle.  In it, he mentioned something interesting.  He was talking about the ego mind that most of us live in without even realizing it.  The ego mind is always judging and analyzing things and always reaching out for more.  What struck me is when he said that in order to analyze something we have to kill it, or it is killed in the process of analyzing.

Isn’t that true?  When we are constantly analyzing ourselves, our partners, our co-workers or even God we kill the experience of simply being with ourselves, our partners, co-workers or God.  Instead of living and experiencing the grace of life, we get trapped in our minds and end up extinguishing all that Life has to offer.  When we think about what love is, instead of simply reaching out and experiencing it, we miss the point.  When we think about God or reach for the next “spiritual” experience, we miss the peace of simply experiencing the Eternal Presence within us and everything around us at this moment.

Can I get out of my head today and simply be present to myself, to my partner, God and all that is.  I was going to say can I “try” to be present; but trying connotes further striving, reaching and grasping, instead of simply being present.  Instead of analyzing today, try to simply listen and be present.

Chill Out! Start Your “Final Vacation” Now.

An elderly woman that I know and have visited in the Nursing Home at various times passed away yesterday. She simply willed herself to die. She was tired and she was finished here. So, she literally laid down in bed and willed herself to die. A couple of weeks later, she was dead.

She and I would have various conversations about life, love, religion, God and the Universe. Although not well educated, she read a lot and would often muse about where we all came from, why we’re here and the awesome reality of time and space. Was there anything beyond this world of form in which we find ourselves? As I look at the incredible expanse of time and space, the millions of years of just our planet’s evolution, the expansiveness of just our galaxy, not to mention the millions of other galaxies that exist, I am left speechless and in absolute AWE of Whatever got this going!

My friend has begun her final and eternal “vacation” as it were. What came to me this morning as I was reflecting was that all of us are going to take this final vacation someday. Remember what it feels like when you’re looking forward to a time of vacation? Suddenly life’s issues, work, etc don’t feel as heavy a burden because you know that soon you’re going to have some time to kick back and relax. The relaxation, at least in our minds, begins before the vacation actually happens.

What struck me this morning is this: If we’re all going to take this final “vacation,” why don’t we start chilling out right now? Why get so bent out of shape about pressing concerns, issues, work or whatever? Why not take the edge off by realizing that we’re about to take a “vacation,” an eternal time of kicking back!? When I know that I’ve got something coming up that is going to relax me and relieve some stress, it makes helps me chill out about current concerns.

Why not chill out and start looking forward to your “vacation” now? The Christ put it this way: “The Kingdom is in your midst” – now! We don’t have to wait.

The Secret to Happiness

It is precisely in being present to what we’re doing that we discover happiness.

Unhappiness and frustration emanate when we look to something or someone outside of ourselves to make us happy.

Eckhart Tolle, in his book A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose says this. Our purpose in life is ultimately to become present to what we’re doing, to bring consciousness to the world and in so doing we will be joyful. Period! Sounds simple doesn’t it? But just try being fully present to the moment and what you’re doing in that moment without your mind (ego) racing on about what’s happening next, 3 days from now and what happened yesterday! We’ll find it’s not that easy! But I believe he’s got a point. I like his twist on what it is to be joyful and how we discover happiness. Many of us get it backwards and as a result we end up in a consistent state of unhappiness and frustration. Tolle says this:

“When you say, I enjoy doing this or that, it is really a misperception. It makes it appear that the joy comes from what you do, but that is not the case. Joy does not come from what you do, it flows into what you do and thus into the world from deep within you. The misperception that joy comes from what you do is normal, and it is also dangerous, because it creates the belief that joy is something that can be derived from something else, such as an activity or thing. You then look to the world to bring you joy, happiness. But it cannot do that. This is why many people live in constant frustration. The world is not giving them what they think they need” (Eckhart Tollo A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose, p.298). He goes on to say that when we simply become present to what we’re doing we will gradually find that we are more joyful.

Perhaps this is what the Christ spoke of when he spoke of the “kingdom” being in our midst, right here, right now! Perhaps this is what he meant when he said “I have told you these things that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete” (John 15: 11). Perhaps that’s what he meant when he told us that we will find ourselves if we forget ourselves (the ego mind).

Perhaps today we could continue the process of attempting to simply be present to what we’re doing in this moment – and see what happens!

Songs of Vibrant Living

Songs of Vibrant Living

After a seemingly disastrous meditation session yesterday morning, where my mind kept whirling about the various tasks I had to accomplish that day, I made an effort at simply being present to what I was doing. And you know what? . . . I ended up accomplishing more than I had set out to do that day, AND when I stopped rushing and thinking about the next task, I began to enjoy what I was doing. The day was transformed from being a rushed jumble of activity to a day well lived – filled with a sense of being alive, instead of merely existing and watching time pass.

Some years ago I wrote a poem called “Songs of Vibrant Living,” which speaks to this sense of being present to life, amidst its busyness. I would like to share that poem with you. Try to stay present today and see what happens.

 Enfolded by evening and the echo of the loon

     The stars, radiant and still –

     Teaching grandeur and humility at once –

     Inspire awe.


The dawn of light upon silver waters

     The air still

     Spirited creatures of earth quietly fill the space with

     Songs of vibrant living

All a hymn to the desire of my heart

Stillness gives birth to life.


To the Great and Awesome Mystery

     That in stillness gave spark to living

The dim flame of my being, seeking new breath,

      Ascends in its desire . . .

In daily chaos from within and without

     Unfold the path of stillness

     Dawn’s light

     Songs of Vibrant Living






Chill Out! It’s On Its Way!

The chatter of the mind

The voices that disturb the serenity of the soul

The incessant images of concerns displayed like

Flashing images on a TV Screen

The impatience of ego’s desire: I want it NOW!


Divine peace in the midst of the mind’s storm:

Chill out! It’s on its way!

Surrender to its appointed time, . . . And live.


And this peace, beyond ego‘s capacity to bestow,

Opens the door to Presence – the portal to Future’s bliss!