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Faith and Risk

When we step out in courage, when we step out and take a risk – not knowing what the end result will be – faith comes alive.  Suddenly words of belief, words of faith and trust are no longer just words but are heard in a new way.  They take on a new reality that is spoken and felt in the heart.

Recently I have taken a couple of risks – both of which could involve the loss of my job and livlihood – but I have chosen to step out in faith because I strongly believe that the stance I take is right and good, even though I am intimidated by the “powers that be.”  I have to confess that of late I have been undergoing a bit of a spiritual desert, a dark night of the soul.  It has been one of those times in life where I have felt absolutely no spiritual connection and little motivation to connect to Source.  In taking the risks I have taken, I felt like a zomby, simply putting one foot in front of another and following through on what I had promised.  But suddenly, deep in my heart I heard a whisper:  “I am with you.  You are not alone.  Don’t be afraid.”  And in those words, summoned by the risks I was taking, the darkness of this long night was pierced by a Light within that seemed so very real – not just nice words, but real.  And it’s no big deal, no big feeling, no huge moment of revelation; just something small, something little, but something so very real that emerges from deep within me.  And in that tiny seed, I feel again the reality of which I so often write and speak.  Not just words, but a Power that is real and that promises to be with me – no matter what. 

Suddenly, in the darkness that has been this Winter moment in my life, my heart is beckoned to the reality of Spring that lay just around the corner – if I only have the patience to wait and keep putting one foot in front of the other.


Come and See

John 1: 35-42

Did you ever feel totally unconscious in life, like you were just going through the motions with little internal inertia?  Perhaps the early followers of Jesus were feeling like that.  Obviously they were seeking something, searching.  Were they dissatisfied with where their life was?  Jesus notices them following him and asks them:  “What are you looking for?”  Now, you would think that they would have responded with various requests, dreams for their lives, meaning, healing or whatever.  But they don’t.  What they say is:  “Rabbi, where do you stay?”

I’m not sure that the disciples had a clue of what they were looking for.  But there was something about this man that beckoned them, something about him stirred something within them.  What they did do is act!  Jesus says:  “Come and see.”  And that’s what they did.  They put one foot in front of the other and spent time with him – having no idea where it would lead.

Sometimes life is like that isn’t it?  Something just isn’t quite right, we’re not quite satisfied, yet we don’t know what it is that we seek.  Perhaps in times like this what we need to do is act, put one foot in front of the other, walk outside the closed doors of our being and try something, something healthy for our bodies, minds and spirits.  Who knows where it may lead?