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The silence of no thought

It speaks with increasing volume
Enticing me . . .

“Wanna figure it out?”
“No thought”
“Wanna change?”
“No thought”
“Wanna create?”
“No thought”
“Wanna love?”
“No thought”
“Wanna live well?”
“No thought”
“Wanna die well?”
“No thought”

In this silence, the song rises in my heart again
And I am made new.

Turn It Off!

When I write, I usually go to Pandora.com and turn on some light music.  I find it soothing and inspiring to write with some soft music in the background..  This morning for some reason, Pandora wouldn’t load.  I tried several times and then gave up.  Just as I gave up, I began to “hear” the silence.  I looked out my window and saw the overcast sky and the snow gently falling.  I was reminded of the silence of winter.  If you’ve ever walked in the woods after a snowfall, you know what I mean.  There is a silence that is palatable.

Instead of fighting the silence I welcomed it and find it soothing to my soul as I write this meditation.  I am again reminded of the importance of listening to the silence.  Far from being a void, there is a fullness in silence.  It blesses the spirit in ways that a plethora of sound and sight simply cannot.  It is the silence, after all,  that makes sound itself possible!  And it is in the silence that Divine presence is most fully found.  “Be still and know that I am God.”

It is also in the silent spaces between our thoughts that God is to be found.  When we are able to silence the chatter of the ego mind within, we open ourselves to a space that is eternal and abundant.  This is the place of creative energy.  It’s no wonder that when our lives are simply a barrage of activity, of running from this thing to the next, it’s no wonder that we begin to feel a lack of energy and our zest for life diminishes.

This season brings with it much activity.  Social gatherings, increased traffic, running around to buy gifts, plays, school activities, final exams, decorating, baking, cooking, etc.  All of this sometimes leaves us exhausted by the time the Holidays actually arrive.  In the midst of such madness, it’s all the more important to take time in silence.  It is in this silence that the sights and sounds of this season will then come alive.

Heavenly Sex – On My Back, Wide Open

“‘Go out and stand on the mountain; God will be passing by.’
A strong wind came and crushed rocks, but God was not in the wind.

After that there was an earthquake, but God was not in the earthquake.

After the earthquake there was a fire, but God was not in the fire.

After the fire there was a tiny whisper – complete silence – and then Elijah, knowing that it was God, went and stood at the mouth of the cave.” See 1Kings 19: 9, 11-13

As I get older, there is no question in my mind that it is in the silence that I am most completely myself! It is in silence that I feel most energized and connected. I not only feel connected with the Divine, but I feel most intimately connected with those that I love when I am in silence.  When I have gone away to enter the silence, while meditating or at night, looking up at the stars, I would feel a mystical and very intimate connection with those who were thousands of miles away from me. Is it only me, or is there great intimacy to be found in the silence?

I suppose we’re all different and find our intimate connections, both human and Divine in various ways. For me, the silence becomes the place which is most intimate, most energizing. There is a pregnancy that I feel in the silence – limitless possibility. When I am there I feel like I am making love. I am no longer separate, but connected at the deepest places within myself, with creation, the Divine and those I love. For two or three hours at a stretch I just sit, doing nothing but looking at the ocean, the mountains and the stars, and in those moments I feel the cells of my body vibrating in intimate unity with the Universe. I am completely open and give myself over to this Love without fear. I allow myself to be freely and fully penetrated. And in the rhythm of our love making I feel his strength and his gentleness as he fills me.

Yet I am not spent in this love making, I am not diminished. I walk away renewed, energized with life, pregnant with tomorrow’s possibility.

Electric Silence

I write this meditation at the airport after having spent a few days in Big Sur CA for retreat.  Initially I was assaulted by the silence of Big Sur.  Now I find myself assaulted by the frenzy of traffic, sound and multitudes going every which way, . . . and doing it as fast as possible.  And to think we call this “civilization?”

I wrote before that we are lulled into a semi-catatonic state in the noise and activity that is daily life for most of us.  After entering the silence again, I am made aware of the quality of life that ensues as a result.  When we enter the silence our internal senses are more clearly tuned so that when we do listen to a piece of music or watch a movie or encounter someone, we experience these in a deeper way.  The silence provides a framework or space around which sensory input via sound and sight gain greater brilliance.  It’s ironic that in the frenzy of daily life we instinctively begin to look for things which will excite and thrill us.  In actuality we’re looking to escape the lulled state of consciousness in which we live.  Silence is the only way to tune our inner and outer senses again.  When we do so we will find that our activity and relating will take on a clarity that move us beyond the lulled catatonic state with which we‘ve become accustomed, to a way of living that is awakened to the sights, sounds and people around us!